Automatic Statistics for the event. Last Update : 23/Oct/2016

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Top 10 wave scores
Round 1 19.60 Coco Ho 21/Oct/2016
Round 2 59.57 Alessa Quizon 22/Oct/2016
Semifinals 19.27 Coco Ho 23/Oct/2016
Round 1 18.33 Coco Ho 21/Oct/2016
Round 1 148.33 Melanie Giunta 21/Oct/2016
Final 18.17 Dimity Stoyle 23/Oct/2016
Semifinals 18.17 Coco Ho 23/Oct/2016
Round 1 128.17 Dominic Barona 21/Oct/2016
Semifinals 17.97 Pauline Ado 23/Oct/2016
Round 3 47.93 Dimity Stoyle 22/Oct/2016

Top 10 heat points
Round 1 117.93Coco Ho 21/Oct/2016
Semifinals 117.44Coco Ho 23/Oct/2016
Round 2 516.57Alessa Quizon 22/Oct/2016
Round 1 1215.67Dominic Barona 21/Oct/2016
Round 1 1415.66Melanie Giunta 21/Oct/2016
Round 2 814.93Dimity Stoyle 22/Oct/2016
Semifinals 114.80Pauline Ado 23/Oct/2016
Semifinals 214.50Dimity Stoyle 23/Oct/2016
Round 3 414.43Dimity Stoyle 22/Oct/2016
Final 114.34Dimity Stoyle 23/Oct/2016

Wave Statistics
Rangetotal of 715 waves surfed in 35 heats ...
Excellent8 waves
Good82 waves
Regular186 waves
Poor215 waves

Statistics of tabulated waves
Scaletotal of 232 waves used for tabulation ...
Excellent8 waves counted
Good<72 waves counted
Regular106 waves counted
Poor42 waves counted